24 comments on “The Missing Bipolarmuse

    • Thank you… and for keeping me in your thoughts! Life has been busy since my move… and then it got even more hectic when he walked into my life. It has been truly beautiful and such an eye opener. He is everything I have wanted…and exactly what I have looked for. ♥


      • Thank you. What is crazy is that I just got to the point where I believe that…and it happened to me like they said it would, when I least expected it and wasn’t “looking”… I am just so happy to have met and fallen in love with such an amazing, beautiful, kind yet firm man. :) He makes my heart burst. ♥


  1. I had wondered why you hadn’t been posting of late! Missed you, but under the circumstances I’m sure we will all forgive you!! Wonderful news Muse. Love conquers all. xx


    • Thank you so much! Love does conquer all. :)
      I will try to get on a better writing schedule. :) I have been so wrapped up in him… and of course, since my move, my time is more limited just being busy with life.
      But a good schedule is important.
      Thank you for your continued support!


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