The Missing Bipolarmuse

I know I have been very sporadic, if not downright slowed down, with my blog posts and reading the blogs that I follow. I have a very good explanation that I would love to share.

As you know, my move here was a huge change for me. I emphasized my desire to be single and to simply enjoy life. My goal was to continue being mentally healthy and growing on a personal level… to spend time with my children… and to live.

6 weeks ago I was blindsided by love.

Yes, Bipolarmuse is head over heels in love with an amazing man… a man who is showing me a new world. A world of love… mutual respect… boundaries… goals… and dreams coming true. Through him I am learning more about myself than I ever imagined possible…and I am learning that there is more to me than I knew existed. He is showing me what love truly looks like… how it is not one sided but a dual part that two people play together.

I cannot express how this man is changing my life, and the way that we compliment one another.

I have loved in my past but I never knew that I could love someone to this caliber… I never knew that love like this was possible for me. I always felt that “that ship had sailed” so to speak.

I am no longer cynical about love. Just when I wasn’t looking, the man of my dreams was placed directly in front of me. I am glad that I didn’t choose to walk around him… instead, I locked eyes and the conversation just flowed between us.

The rest is history.

24 thoughts on “The Missing Bipolarmuse”

    1. Thank you… and for keeping me in your thoughts! Life has been busy since my move… and then it got even more hectic when he walked into my life. It has been truly beautiful and such an eye opener. He is everything I have wanted…and exactly what I have looked for. ♥


      1. Thank you. What is crazy is that I just got to the point where I believe that…and it happened to me like they said it would, when I least expected it and wasn’t “looking”… I am just so happy to have met and fallen in love with such an amazing, beautiful, kind yet firm man. :) He makes my heart burst. ♥


    1. Thank you so much! Love does conquer all. :)
      I will try to get on a better writing schedule. :) I have been so wrapped up in him… and of course, since my move, my time is more limited just being busy with life.
      But a good schedule is important.
      Thank you for your continued support!


      1. Then today I read this today:

        “The Ancients said, “Give up and you will succeed.” Is this empty nonsense? Try it. If you are sincere, you will find fulfilment.

        – Lao Tzu


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