Most Popular Posts

Even though I have been absent for some time, I do get on here to see if anything new is going on or if I have any comments that need to be addressed and while doing so, I check out my most popular posts.

Happily, these are among the top ones:

World Suicide Prevention

Hyper-Sexuality and Bipolar Disorder

Lets Talk Mood Swings- and a Quote

Borderline Personality Disorder Criteria and Me

Aside from these particular posts, various “quotes” by Rumi, Shakespeare, and Winston Churchill are always popular. And from time to time, some poems are looked at.

What I enjoy about the popularity of these posts is that first and foremost, this blog, though a poetry filled journey,  is a mental health blog… and these top posts prove just that. I am happy that the direction of this blog is not only informative but also inspirational in the quotes that I choose to use and share with everyone.

I couldn’t ask for me.

Thank you for continuing to read and keeping this blog going. ♥

I love to hear from my fellow "Muses"... please share your thoughts!

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