Love On Fire

I love you,

with a fucking passion that burns hotter

than any fire could ever blaze.

In intense waves of light bending heat, starting from my heart, soul, and mind…

radiating outwards to shower you.

So scorching

of the frenzied love you incite within me…

I fear I may spontaneously combust.

Yet I defiantly brave on…

not only play, but jump in the fire constantly…

no regard to my possible incineration

from this fusion reaction inside me,

which is you…my love incarnate.

This epoch of us…

my love, our love, heat…

radiance of perfect contentment and well being,

given into wild abandonment of my own emotional safety

for the undertaking of heaven…

which is US.


I love you…I always will.

© bipolarmuse 2012

**A piece of a love letter written to me by the man of my dreams.**

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