Bipolar Disorder and Balance

Bipolar Disorder and balance go hand in hand when it comes to maintaining this disorder with minimal episodes.

Balance can be as simple as staying on a regular sleep pattern. Sounds simple right?? Not so much. Imagine becoming enthralled in something that disturbs your normal sleep pattern… whether it be going out, watching a late movie, getting wrapped up in a good book, or even your lover keeping you up. One day leads to the next and before you even realize it… you have not slept properly for 3-4 days and you are swinging into a manic episode. Balance is KEY. It is very important in every aspect… work and home, relationships, spirituality, family life… every aspect of your life must be balanced out to help maintain a healthy relationship with this disorder.

I have been working very hard on maintaining balance in my life. I have began a serious exercise regimen rotating between 4-5 days of walking on a treadmill, Pilates, simple weight training…and I am adding Yoga into that mix this week. Not only has exercise proven to be a serious mood booster, but I am learning the importance of a healthy diet. Since beginning these two changes, I have noticed an improvement in my overall mood and energy levels….and for course, weight loss.

My ~forever boyfriend~ has helped me to come up with a schedule with things allotted for certain times of the day. This will help me to accomplish all that I want to do (like blogging), and still give me time at the end of my day for miscellaneous things. If the plan has to be broken at some point, I don’t have a melt down… I just continue on. No biggie. Once I reach my “free time” part of the plan, I can always catch up on things I miss. No sweat… I got this. ♥

I will keep you posted on how this goes. If it works well for me, you will see more of me in blog”land” and know that the schedule is working wonders. Schedules are good for my brain… and they sure help with time management.  :-D

**Just a disclaimer. I am NOT manic… nor depressed. All is right with the world for me and I am very happy!

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