Be Alive!! ~ Howard Thurman Quote

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman quotes

Beautifully said! How many of us get to truly do what they love…whether it be in the work place, hobbies, volunteer work…  or day to day activities.

We shouldn’t ask what the world needs of us but what we need to do to be ALIVE… because to truly feel alive brings along great potential for the change that we need to see in ourselves, the world around us, and not to mention the fact that others will be touched by your energy and be compelled to bask in its warmth. It will bring about change in itself. To be alive is to thrive.

I don’t simply want to exist, I want to feel the energy of this life force, I want to feel charged with life…to thrive. I have learned to do this… especially as of late. I feel more alive now than I ever have, and others can see the difference. They see the difference in my smile, my composure, my infectious happiness, the stars that shine in my eyes… they feel the change in me.

Work hard to be alive my friends. We have this life for a short while… isn’t it worth living and thriving??

16 thoughts on “Be Alive!! ~ Howard Thurman Quote”

  1. Muse, you are exactly right, and it’s something I’ve been working very hard at this past year as well. I’m so happy for you, and absolutely thrilled by the wonderful changes I’ve been seeing in you … you ARE thriving, and it looks wonderful on you! ((Hugs))) ♥


  2. Encouraging words here… Congratulations on the epiphany and thanks for sharing it with us. These words are universal. Well done.


  3. Your Blog and post have me awe struck. Your words and pictures are strikingly beautiful and yet pull at my heart strings till I feel I could cry. Perhaps its because your words resonate true with me, reminding me of the everyday challenges I watch one of my dear siblings go through and the challenges I face at work with some of my patients with mental health issues. I don’t know you but I’m glad your alive, for all that you’ve been through, your strength confounds me and I admire you! Thank you for a timely reminder on remembering how to truly be alive.
    Peace, Love and Happiness :o)


    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and compliment. Finally, thriving has become a place familiar to me and I certainly believe that if I could do it, anyone certainly can. It has not been an easy road, yet one I am happy to have traveled. Thank you for reading my blog… touching others with my experience in this life is what it is all about. Peace, love, and happiness back to you as well. ♥


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