I Live In A Universe

My love incarnate, my everything…

The woman of my dreams.

In a universe where dreams come true… You are there.

In a universe where dreams come true… you are there looking up at me with your oceanics.

I feel a tsunami of foreign emotions that threaten to drown my heart and wash me away in a torrent of you.

The sparkle of your face flirting with the fire in your hair… Only tend to give these runaway emotions a life and strength of their own.

 I’ll take all these feral emotions of new…

They are not to really be feared, for they are brought on by you, by all the love, and living as my everything you have shown to be.

I live in a universe where dreams come true…unconditional love I know to be true, that I feel flowing from you.

I live in that universe where dreams do come true.

That universe is here my love… where I live with you.

You truly do give me… and are my everything.

I love you more than anything.

I love you baby.

© bipolarmuse 2012

** Another beautiful love letter from the man of my dreams. Without even trying, he is a romantic poet to be admired.**

18 thoughts on “I Live In A Universe”

    1. Thank you Mira! He is indeed the reason I have been so quiet on here… I am completely engulfed in him and I am creating wonderful moments with him that will be with me for all of eternity. ♥


  1. That was awesome! Would you mind… see, I have this thing going on called Romantic Monday, where tons of people have posted something romantic, most using one of the logos I made and some using pics of their own…

    But would you mind if I linked this one up? Also, we’ll be doing Romantic Monday every week, so if you have maybe a response to this, or another poem from your smitten dude, we’d love to see it.


      1. Short answer: put the link in a comment on any of my posts.

        Long answer: You can either just tell me in advance by putting a link in a comment in any other post, or put the link in the Romantic Monday comment section itself. I actually prefer it in advance, because work filters out WordPress now and I can’t add them as they’re made like I did that first week. I would like to have as many in the post itself as I can, so lots of people get some blog love and recognition. For example, both you and your man. You’ve both got some great things going. Maybe you could write one together? Huh? Yeah, THAT is romantic.


  2. Oh Muse, I have missed you, and it’s so wonderful to read how happy you are! Radiance abounds in your words – and this is a beautiful poem from your lovely man to you. I’m slowly making my way around to visiting my friends, so forgive me that it’s been so long since I was here; recovering from my move has been more challenging than I expected. So good to see you! Sending love and hugs and positive thoughts your way! xoxox


    1. Julie! It is great to hear from you and know that your move is complete. I understand how draining that can be as well. I have been pretty inactive myself due to this wonderful man so I have much to catch up on as well. I have missed your presence and hope that you adjust well and soon. ♥


    1. Thank you Lulu! It is wonderful to hear such words isn’t it?? Have you been as inactive as I have been? When I lurk, it seems I have not seen you, but then again, I haven’t been lurking long. lol.


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