18 comments on “I Live In A Universe

  1. That was awesome! Would you mind… see, I have this thing going on called Romantic Monday, where tons of people have posted something romantic, most using one of the logos I made and some using pics of their own…

    But would you mind if I linked this one up? Also, we’ll be doing Romantic Monday every week, so if you have maybe a response to this, or another poem from your smitten dude, we’d love to see it.


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  3. Oh Muse, I have missed you, and it’s so wonderful to read how happy you are! Radiance abounds in your words – and this is a beautiful poem from your lovely man to you. I’m slowly making my way around to visiting my friends, so forgive me that it’s been so long since I was here; recovering from my move has been more challenging than I expected. So good to see you! Sending love and hugs and positive thoughts your way! xoxox


    • Julie! It is great to hear from you and know that your move is complete. I understand how draining that can be as well. I have been pretty inactive myself due to this wonderful man so I have much to catch up on as well. I have missed your presence and hope that you adjust well and soon. ♥


    • Thank you Lulu! It is wonderful to hear such words isn’t it?? Have you been as inactive as I have been? When I lurk, it seems I have not seen you, but then again, I haven’t been lurking long. lol.


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