24 comments on “Mindfulness and DBT Exciting??

    • Thank you! Indeed I will. I plan on documenting it all right on here so I can share my story. It will be a slow journey at first but that is probably best. :-D

  1. It has been an amazing journey till now and I like the way you share every part of your journey. I believe that we should learn from our experiences and from the experiences of others as well. You are an amazing personality (don’t know how the disorders jumped in….lol) and with the supportive nature of the people you love, you are definitely gonna swim across this ocean of black water safely and successfully. Good luck with your new journey!
    Love & Light,
    Varun :-)

    • Thank you Varun. Everything worth having is worth the work and effort put into it. I always appreciate your encouragement and words of support and strength. :)

    • I wish I was in a group right now but I have not found one that will fit my financial limitations. :( It was amazingly helpful to learn the skills taught for DBT…not easy by any means, always work, but rewarding.
      Thank you for your thoughts. ♥ It will be a pleasure to share this next phase of my life.

  2. this sounds very well thought through. it’s always nice to put distance not having to use psychiatric drugs. after all i know a quite a bit about that now that i’m down to just one and using a concoction of naturals to facilitate my health. now that you have a leading man that is supportive of you is a plus. i’ll be watching for posts of your journey:)

    • Thank you Don… I appreciate your support and comment of course. The “healthy” route is the way I am going. He bought me workout equipment so I can take care of my physical health which we know benefits the mental. The plan will become more solid as the time gets near… but baby steps towards a huge goal is always a good idea. :)

  3. I wish you the best on your journey. I think you are going about it in a very educated manner. Kudos for that.
    I started DBT a while back, but quit. I plan on starting it up again. It is great! I have taken some classes that are based off of DBT and they have worked wonders.
    I bought the DBT workbook about 3 months ago, but have yet to open it and get started on it. Not sure what is holding me back. I will get to it… eventually :)

    • Thank you for your encouragement! I think I am going about it in a smart way. It is hard to make the choice but I want to at least give it my best shot. If it doesn’t work…well, then I can always try again. LOL.
      I should get the workbook today. Hopefully I open it right up. We will see. ;)

      • oh man!! I just replied a long comment and then it disappeared! :/
        I guess it is testing my skills I learned in my PATH skills group that was based off of DBT. Patience, and learning that I cannot control everything :)
        Anyway, I am happy for you! It is great that you have the support of a loved one, I am sure that will make things a bit easier. You are very brave to give this a shot. Hey, maybe eventually I will follow in your steps and also try. I know DBT works wonders, it has already made a huge difference in my life, and I just took classes that were based off of DBT and not actual DBT itself.
        We are all here cheering you on! We believe in you! You can do this! And if it doesn’t work out the way you planned, that is completely OKAY and acceptable. At least you are out there trying and making the effort. I am very proud of you!
        I am always here, with an open mind and heart, if you ever need to talk or vent.

      • Awe, thank you so much! Yes, DBT is very successful. I have already started the workbook today so that in 9 months I should really have the information ingrained into my mind. DBT has also already done wonders for me… it was a lot of work though but very worth it. Thank you again for your amazing words of encouragement. It truly means a lot to me. ♥

  4. Muse, you have my eternal admiration – I love your strength and courage and determination. The light shines through you, and that makes me so happy. I realize how difficult this will be at times, and want you to know that you have resources and support, even when you think you don’t, or when you hit a rough patch – there will be so many of us here for you, to help you get back up and dust yourself off. I realize It isn’t the same, but I’m also hoping to reduce the amount of pain medication and lessen the effects of fibromyalgia now that I’m back in an environment that is much more conducive to healing by more natural methods. It will also take me a long time to accomplish this; so we walk yet another similar path together, my friend. I am so proud to know you! Sending gentle hugs and much love to you, dear Muse! xoxox

    • I am so proud to know you as well Julie! We are on similar paths and I will be here for you when things get rough as well. Thank you for your continued support… it means so much to me. ♥

    • I got it… for some reason it is asking me to approve your comments. :( Have you been having trouble with this?? I know this happens to a couple of my followers and I have no clue why. Frustrating.

      • they are now going through. I think I had made a comment on an older post you posted, not sure if that one went through. Maybe once you approve the first one, the rest start going through and don’t need approval.

  5. Good for you! Very wise to take your time over going med-free.
    I’ve had patients recommend the ‘green book’ – and have a copy as it’s more readable than Marsha’s textbook. DBT is proven to work – but you have to work at it, it’s not a magic fix. And don’t get disheartened if there are minor slipbacks [which there are bound to be, we're only human]. Pick yourself up and Keep going forwards. Like babies learning to walk – they keep at it. You learned to walk – you can do this.
    All the very best to you and your man.

    • Thank you Sandra… your encouragement and knowledge is very much appreciated. DBT is helped me tremendously but I had to get my moods regulated before I could even absorb and practice what I was learning… now I have that foundation. :)

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