10 comments on “Deepak Chopra Quote

  1. Impulse decisions completely wrecked my life a few years ago, and I still struggle to not make the same mistakes again and again. This is a really great quote, thank you for sharing. It’s definitely going to get posted somewhere in the house where I will remember it.


    • Amy, I am this quote speaks to you! Impulsive decisions that result in something bad are hard to get over but we can… and with practice we can prevent future mistakes. You are not alone… ♥


  2. hi! I have done some impulsive things when I am manic but in general I am not at all an impulsive person – in fact I am the opposite of that and am very boring and predictable. What strikes me also is that even people who are blessed to not be burdened with a label sometimes do impulsive things and they might be looked upon as being “fun people”. Is there a rule book out there which says thou shalt not be impulsive – only under special circumstances? How rigid do we have to be?


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