9/11 Jumpers


As I was doing some research on the tragedy of 9/11, I found something that is utterly appalling to me.

After the plane struck the North Tower, many people were seen jumping from the building to their death. Do you consider this suicide? I certainly do not. Yet, there is so much stigma surrounding this FACT of what happened that horrific day. I have found article after article saying that people do not want to acknowledge this happened because many believe that choosing to die (no matter the circumstances) is a sin. Is this disgusting to you as well?

I am not religious… if anything, I would say I am spiritual. But I do believe that no matter what, an Almighty, Perfect Creator would KNOW that someone who jumped from a building that was on fire and reaching temperatures of 2900 degrees F in some areas, did not commit a sin! It was reported to be so hot in some areas that people were standing on desks because the floor was painfully hot. Can you imagine that heat?? And we have all seen the smoke billowing from the buildings… how many of us would stand in it and choose to die by not being able to breathe. The word “choose” actually should not be in the equation at all. The victims of 9/11 did not have a “choice”… death was going to have them on that day.

I can see why some, faced with certain death, opted to go in the cool air instead of by fire and/or extreme heat, breathing fresh air instead of thick black smoke, and hitting the pavement at the speed of 125mph or more, dying instantly instead of suffocating or being burned alive.

They deserve recognition… they deserve peace… they deserve to be thought of as heroic, not as cowards. It has made me sick to think that people would be so cruel as to say that these people, who had death chosen for them that day, were sinners because they died in this way.

Another sign of the stigma of suicide… even though these brave people were murdered regardless of the way they died…

Just a side note for those who are religious and believe that suicide is a sin… note that in the bible, Judas hung himself because he betrayed Jesus. Have you noticed that nowhere in the bible does it mention his death as a sin. He wasn’t berated for it, he wasn’t called a sinner for it, nor did it say anywhere that is death would land him in hell. If I am wrong, educate me. If you just had an “aha” moment… be sure to share that little fact next time the conversation about suicide sending someone on a one way ride to hell comes up.

15 thoughts on “9/11 Jumpers”

  1. I would have rather gone out by jumping than by fire. The stop only hurts for a second. The fire could take agonizing minutes.
    I think it takes a brave personito choose his/her own death. Even suicide is not done by the weak. Thats called ‘Attempted Suicide’.


    1. Exactly. If you do a little looking into it, it’s like they swept them under the rug or it’s a hushed conversation… Like they did something wrong. That line of thinking is horrible.


  2. This is very enlightening and I had no idea people were saying this about those who chose to jump or burn to death. I would rather jump. I can’t believe someone would even have the gall to do so. Yes, I’m very disgusted because it is this issue that you wrote about that was most haunting of the entire tragedy. Imagining innocent victims stranded, knowing there is no way out and having to make a horrendous decision. It’s incomprehensible! I remember seeing the clips on the news and on magazine covers and just wanted to cry for them. I have a strong faith, but I don’t judge those who have tried to commit suicide. We do know one boy who was a friend of our son’s who took his own life at 14 years old, 4 years ago. He had the “perfect” family, siblings, life, etc. and was a wonderful young man. Our son was shocked and so were about 1000 people who attended his funeral. Anyway, who can judge? Who knows the story behind the smiles, hard work, great grades, and so on? It was just very sad…anyway, people are always so quick to judge or criticize when they’re not even wearing the same shoes. It’s common sense…unless or until you’ve worn them, you have no idea what they feel like! I guess you got me going with this one, Muse, but thanks for making us aware! Hope you are well! Lauren


    1. Lauren, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. It is horrific that these people had to make such a choice and I know that if I were ever in that position, I would have chosen to jump as well. It was a heart breaking fact of that unbelievable day.
      Regarding suicide in general, I know that no matter what, a truly loving creator sees inside our hearts and knows our anguish when making a choice to end our life. It is certainly not a ticket to hell… but one where our creator would shed tears with a heavy heart that someone can feel such despair…. and love and accept them with open arms.
      We never know what inner struggles a person may have… so I try to be kind to everyone with that in mind.
      Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts, I truly value your words. ♥


  3. I tried to commit suicide because at the time I thought that was the best thing for me. When one is living a personal hell then choosing to kill oneself might at that time seem logical. The question of whether one will be received by God is a religious one and as I am not God I am not going to try to put that into words here. However I suppose that if one has had a churchified upbringing then there is a certain amount of guilt surrounding the subject of suicide and one’s religion or beliefs.

    I am a Christian but I am not ashamed to admit that I have attempted suicide.

    It’s part of who I am and I cannot change my history.

    I now have more information than I did then as to who I can talk to in order to get help if I ever find myself in that frame of mind again.


    1. I think what it boils down to for these families is the thought (that is thought in the churches) that if you took your life, even in circumstances such as these instead of letting “fate” play out, then there’s some crime committed. It is a ridiculous thought really and it saddens me that people worry about this. How little do they think God is?? God is all knowing and knows our hearts… sometimes that is forgotten.


  4. Committing Suicide is not what the people in the Towers were doing when they jumped. They were trying to save themselves from the pain of the torture they were in. It was disturbing they had not alternative. It wasn’t a choice. Perishing in the only way they could. Bravery was with them when they jumped and fear, also. But they did what anyone in their place would have done. If they could have saved their own live, it would have happened, but that option didn’t exist either.

    Suicide is not that odd a state of mind. If all were truthful, I would estimate a huge majority have thought about ending their lives. I know I feel it sneaking around in my brain and the awareness comes to the surface when I am stressed to the limit or depressed. It has become as common as breathing. I accept it is part of my thoughts & feelings. I don’t plan on ever trying to kill myself again. I was a teenager when I made an all out attempt twice, one when I was fully aware of what I was doing and twice when I just wanted what I was feeling to stop & I kept popping pills with alcohol. Fortunately, I was out to lunch with co-workers & when it was time to return to work they realized I was out of it. Back I work, I lost it, and crawled under a desk. I didn’t want anyone to come near me. I think I had a break in reality. I felt in danger. My supervisor, at the library, my first job out of High School, got involved and called my psychiatrist. She found out the doctor gave me the wrong prescription. I was supposed to be taking tranquilizers and he had written a script for stimulants.

    I was rushed to the hospital. They did whatever they did. I was pretty much out of it. I did know I didn’t want to go home to my parents house. My sister let me stay overnight with her. I was so depressed & out of it. I sat in front of the TV like a zombie.

    Now I just live with the feelings & use them to write or paint. Anything creative. I accept them, though, reluctantly, but I tell people when I am feeling destructive, just to be sure. But there is nothing to be ashamed of if one feels suicidal. It is a matter of being safe. No one should feel ashamed. Life is hard & complicated. And some of us have lived through hell to make it so far in our life.

    I came to visit your blog to ask you a question. No idea I would be getting into this subject. Quite a triggering post. I will send you a letter. Will write it during the late part of the day on Thursday.

    Wow, what a powerful piece you wrote. Jennifer @>-;—


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