Just Another Quack Doctor….

So yesterday I had the privilege of meeting and speaking to a doctor practicing in the medical field as an OB/GYN, who literally told me that she did NOT believe in Psychiatrists, nor in mental disorders like Bipolar Disorder… or in severe mental illness like uncontrolled paranoid schizophrenia.

When she told this to me, my eyes burned into her… they locked onto hers and just intensely stared into her, looking for some inclination that she was just teasing. Well friends, she was dead serious. She has absolutely no belief in it and thinks we “all have problems”, some of us just handle them better. She told me if I just accept things, heal and learn to love myself, and take it one minute at a time, I would be able to come off all the medication that has kept me stable (or as close as I could get to stable), and I would never have to take them again. WTF??

This is a doctor who works with pregnant women and delivers their children into this world. How does this doctor help a woman suffering from postpartum depression? Isn’t it negligent on this doctors part to not help these women??

I was honestly speechless. I was sitting before a person who obviously thought I was a liar about my mental state… what else could this doctor believe? She made a point of saying that these Psychiatrists want to give everyone a “blanket” diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, no matter what the “real” cause of their symptoms may be.

I am disgusted that this person, someone that we all would look to for guidance and direction, is sharing this poison with others.

I may be able to agree that the diagnosis is thrown around quite a bit… but that it doesn’t exist at all?? No, I am sorry. I have personally seen what this disorder has done to me and my life. I have felt, first hand, the chaos that becomes my brain when I accidentally skip doses of my bipolar medications. I live this disorder.

I will make certain I never refer a friend, or anyone for that matter, to this Doctor. EVER.

20 thoughts on “Just Another Quack Doctor….”

  1. Despite having a diagnosis, I do not believe I am sick and would say that I just handle my problems poorly BUT I have never passed my personal view of myself onto other people like this doctor appears to do! I’m sorry you had this experience!


    1. Our personal opinions are one thing. I struggle with that idea myself. But to be in such a public figure whose opinion is valued and sometimes treated like the word of God… opinions like this doctors have no place in the matter and is just dangerous. :(


  2. I met someone quite like her. It is an absurd! And I agree with you: “I will make certain I never refer a friend, or anyone for that matter, to this Doctor. EVER.”


  3. Discovering/realising that teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, counsellors, priests etc are only people like the rest of us (and sometimes more f**ked up than we are) can be a bit of a shock.


  4. DISGUSTING — it is hard enough trying to educate the general population. For a holistic view of medical problems, ALL medical personnel should have some general knowledge of psychological conditions — they go hand in hand. It’s terrible you had to listen to that — I certainly hope she’s close to retiring! How will the young be educated? :-(


  5. you are going to find people that are going to have that mindset. I had a high school friend that had the same thoughts. here is something I said to a friend of mine. i’m not ashame of my condition. it makes me who I am when all the good stuff such as writing that comes out. just remember those people are closed minded people. a good chunk of them come from well to do families and have never experienced anything like what you and I know. also just because one is a doctor certainly doesn’t give him or her the godlike status of being great at what they do or who they are as a person. j


    1. Very true… I guess I just figure that doctors would be better educated. It doesn’t even come to that… she literally said she didn’t BELIEVE in psychiatry or mental disorders.


  6. This doctor has the echoing of Scientology & Tom Cruise when he went off on Brook Shields when she was talking about taking anti-depressants when she has postpartum depression. She is dangerous to deny something in which she obviously has no understanding. Depression & Mania are real. It sends you off in any direction it wants to when one or the other decides to hit. I may not want to use psych meds from the pharma to treat them but I am looking for alternative holistic herbs. But I do believe in bipolar & other brain maladjustment & they need some sort of treatment. Everyone chooses what best works for them. But to be a professional doctor & not believe at all is dangerous.

    I know a long time ago there was a person who was a psychiatrist. I found him on Wikipedia. Here is a short paragraph you might find interesting.

    Thomas Stephen Szasz ( April 15, 1920 – September 8, 2012)[2] was a psychiatrist and academic. Since 1990 he had been professor emeritus of psychiatry at the State University of New York Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. He was a well-known social critic of the moral and scientific foundations of psychiatry, and of the social control aims of medicine in modern society, as well as of scientism. His books The Myth of Mental Illness (1960) and The Manufacture of Madness (1970) set out some of the arguments with which he is most associated.

    Szasz argued that mental illnesses are not real in the sense that cancers are real. Except for a few identifiable brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, there are “neither biological or chemical tests nor biopsy or necropsy findings for verifying or falsifying DSM diagnoses”, i.e. there are no objective methods for detecting the presence or absence of mental illness.

    His views on special treatment followed from libertarian roots which are based on the principles that each person has the right to bodily and mental self-ownership and the right to be free from violence from others, although he criticized the “Free World” as well as the communist states for their use of psychiatry. He believed that suicide, the practice of medicine, the use and sale of drugs and sexual relations should be private, contractual, and legal.

    He caused quite a stir with his belief. Shook things up with his theories back then. I do believe the DSM-V [5] does go a touch overboard with there classifying almost any disturbance a person has as a mental disorder but then they are to far off to the other extreme.

    Bipolar exists. We are walking examples of what it does. I have a multiple combination of various malfunctions but I live with them. But to deny them would seem to me to be some sort of disturbance in the brain that it would think that way. Jk


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