Goodbye 2013! 2014 Is Going to Rock!


Like Grumpy Cat, I am about this enthused with the holiday season that just passed… and I am ready to start this New Year with a bang! I don’t like to make any type of resolutions because they are rarely followed through (and then are always proceeded with a depressive spell), so I like to just mosey on into the new year with thoughts of how I will make it better than the previous…

Thank God Christmas and New Years is over… I am ready to get on with it!

HOPEFULLY I will be more creative this year and not as boring as a sopping wet door mat like I was in 2013… (Ok, I probably wasn’t THAT bad, but you totally get my drift.) …and I am hoping to be hit with a huge dose of creativity, a MASSIVE dose would be best, distributed over the course of the year would be even better, and if I have a few of you to join me on this roller coaster ride… then even better!


So… I am always open to inspiration that is directed my way… or indirectly sent my way. I NEED inspiration. Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder usually keep me pretty stocked up in the inspiration department because misery loves to write, for me, and is my way of “bleeding on paper”. So, sadly, when I am feeling fairly well (or not crying every single day), I dry up. This well runs dry and I can’t find even a drop of the inspiration I need to write. Sad isn’t it?

I won’t give up though… by any means. But maybe I can figure out a way to turn this fountain back on. I just want to be entertaining, creative, overflowing with poems, quotes, general information about mental illness… if nothing else, to do these things just for me even if I am the only one entertained.

I want to be the “Frog in the Milk Pail”.

So I keep trekking on… keep some words flowing, enjoy visual stimulation… and most important, I will share all of this with you. Hopefully I don’t bore you to death… but I will be consistent, boring or not…

As Bipolarmuse, I deserve this.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013! 2014 Is Going to Rock!”

  1. BP Muse,
    Old friend… Happy 2014, and best of luck with your blogging endeavor. Looking forward to seeing where it leads you/us this year.
    Le Clown


  2. It seems my creativity faucet is either running full force or completely shut off. There appears to be no in between. Best wishes and I look forward to your future posts!


  3. Bipolarmuse….I’ve missed you much. I hope your life is happier so you have nothing to spit out here…but to share the love and laughter would be welcome too.
    Drop us a post, let us know you are well.
    I think of you…..often.


    1. Awe! Thank you Wendy. :) Life kind of just passed on by for me and it has been too long since I have been on here. I want to change that though and unfortunately, depression is creeping back in and I have been having a rough time of it. :( I plan to do a post today though and I am so happy to hear from you! ♥ miss you my friend!


    1. I am ok. :) It has been forever since I logged in and I have been telling myself to make the time and make it a priority again because I do love sharing and meeting new amazing people here. ♥ I plan to do a post today… :)
      Thank you so much for checking in on me. Now, I have lots of blog “cleaning up” to do, LOL. I will have to go through my BPMuse gmail too… fun stuff!! I have missed you as well!! I can’t wait to catch up on things. xo


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