4 comments on “The Monster I Loathe…

  1. No it’s NOT. You’re so right it’s beauty and pain. And fortunately hope springs eternal. It’s easy to say but I prove it to myself all the time when lying face down on the sofa unable to get up, then time passes and I’m up.

    You’ve expressed this so well. Godspeed to you, I know you’re actually a real softie! :) We have a tendency to believe our own drama more than our own joy. You’ll find it there again.

  2. lets start with this: god is real. I recently discovered that in my own life event. keep this in mind too. your relationship with god is to be a pure one. taking the religion out of it helps a lot. I’ve got a suggestion which I’ve been using as it helps a quite a bit. I’ve turned to meditating. there is all kinds of it online for free you can listen too. when you meditate it means that you are letting god in to talk to you. prayer is the opposite as you talk to him. give it a try. you know I’ve been through a lot of this myself muse. i’m here if you need me. i’d even go a step further if it mattered. my number is on facebook. just saying….it just shows you I care is all.

  3. no, it’s not too much to ask for. maybe we don’t ask for enough. i miss you, my friend. get through the bad days, because you have seen the good ones. i envy the way you approach it all, and that makes such a difference. <3

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