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Just wanted to add a contact page. I know that some information on here about mental health can be a bit overwhelming and that sometimes people would like to speak in private instead of over a public comment… Please feel free to contact me at: bipolarmuse(at)yahoo



Also, you can contact me for any reason… just no hate mail please. LOL.

32 comments on “Contact Bipolarmuse

  1. Dear bipolarmuse, I too write poetry and have scoured the net in search of beautiful websites that are pleasing and powerful to the eye. Your site is moved up to number one of only three. It will be my honor to follow your poetry, your quotes and sure footed inklings. With all siscereity and respect, Pook

    • Thank you very much. :) I am very honored.

  2. check out this site, there are even job istings for bloggers

    • Very cool! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for all your comments :) kinda new to all this blogging will find out how to comment you back soon lol :) Take Care xx Louise

    • :) No problem! I know it takes time to get use to the blog world.

  4. “I meet a person, and in my mind I’m saying three minutes; I give you three minutes to show me the spark.” – Amy Hempel

    felt like sharing this one with you…

    • I love that quote! Thank you.

  5. HI ……

    • Hi Cat!!! I have been battling a little tummy problems so I will work on the book this weekend hopefully. :) Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather! It has been wonderful here… a bit hot but the desert is suppose to be that way. LOL.
      XOXO… Have a fabulous day dear Cat. ♥

      • AYAY…..THE DESERT……….
        IT’S LOVELY HERE YES …..
        GOOD SONG TOO :)

      • Thank you Cat! I am refusing to eat anything until I know the tummy is all good. LOL.
        Great song!! I love this one. :)

      • ME TOO :)

  6. Hi
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please go to the link to accept.

    • Thank you! I am so excited. :-P

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and I am so pleased that it led me here. I have only just started to look through your postings, but I am going to sit down and immerse myself in them when the chaotic rush of the holiday season is over.

    Happy Christmas and may 2013 be a wonderful year for you and for all who you love.


    • Thank you for stopping by and reading! This blog is very vanilla but is about my life and struggles with mood disorders. My other blog, which you have been to as well is very unvanilla. LOL

  8. This blog is especially interesting to me as my closest student friend at university suffered from periodic depression and, through the intervening 10 years, regardless of the best efforts of the medical profession seems to be no better now than she was then.
    So this blog (and I have not had time to read more than a fraction of it so far) has started to help me understand a lot more about what she has been through.
    Thank you so much

    • I am very glad that my blog is helping you to understand a bit better. It can be a difficult disorder to live with and many times it comes along with “stigma”. Thank you for writing to me… I do this blog to help others as well as use it as therapy for me. ♥

      On Tue, Dec 25, 2012 at 12:02 PM, bipolarmuse

  9. Read your post on Moonlight Sonata being an inspiration for your work.
    I have found if I have trouble sleeping it works like a charm to knock me out.
    Hey, Beethoven was supposedly Bipolar so that helps too…like a lullabye from a spirit who knows what its like. :)

    • I absolutely love that song and find it hauntingly soothing… so many great people from the past have been thought to be bipolar or autistic… it would be awesome to go back in time wouldn’t it?? Thank you for reading and commenting, I am always grateful for that. ♥

  10. I have been following your FB posts and commenting on some. Just wanted to say that your trip is one I can relate to. After my incident I was in a bad place but I recovered and am in a better area now. Of course, mine was a trauma caused problem.
    I think you’ve got a pretty good handle on your deal and just try to remember you are strong and you can do it. And by doing this blog you are helping others find their handle.
    Keep going, you are on track.

    • Thank you William… I do notice you on my FB page, thank you for coming here and reading… I do appreciate your words very much. :) This blog has been very important to me and has helped therapeutically as you can probably imagine. :) Thank you for your encouragement… it certainly is a wonderful reminder that I am on the correct path. ♥

  11. Stopped by to say HI. My note got swallowed. I am concerned for how you are doing. Weed is keeping me balanced as much as possible. It does help. Maybe as a supplement. Is it legal where you are yet. I have been using mmj since thanksgiving of 2013. It works. Take care. I still keep you in my thoughts. Have been sick but doing better. Miss your blog. Bye for now. Remember I am here for you. <3 jkm

    • I am sorry I have been out of the loop for so long…I am thinking of opening a new email because I am having a hell of a time trying to weed through the emails I do not need… so I am doing that now… pronto…lol.

      • look forward to reconnecting. life is something else. hope you are doing well. i am in a downward mode but staying afloat. not as bad as before but still a struggle. a human struggle trying to focus on what is next in my life. let me know when you have you new email. will look forward to that. :-)

      • I have a new one set up and it won’t have thousands of emails to sift through…lol. It is bipolarmuse(at)yahoo(dot)com :)

      • Thank you. I missed our connecting. Doing well. Passed thru a dark time but think i am on the other side. The creativeness is starting to pick up a touch. How are you? Is all going well in love? Had the oddest thing happen early today. I was sound asleep so slept thru it. Some one broke into our house drunk. Fortunately, my partner & cats responded & the neighbors called the cops. He was arrested the moment he stepped out the door. My partner told him he did not belong here in our home. I was sleeping a few feet away. Still haven’t absorbed the full effect. Wondered when I finally did wake why one of our cats was under the covers with me as close to my body as he could be out sweet Scout.

        Anyway, Shawn told me she felt it was better to let me sleep thru it.
        :-) she was right.

      • Oh my goodness!!! How frightening! It sounds like Shawn definitely made the right choice to allow you sleep right on through it. I often wonder if I would sleep through the night like that. Once in a blue moon I will wake up in the morning and I felt like I didn’t wake once during the night. Its crazy how that can happen at times. :)

      • Shawn reinforced the door so no one gets in unless invited. Last night was secure. She also said that now the house has been tested, In over 30 years this was the first & only time anything like this had ever happened. Hopefully never again. The cats ran for the hills. That is what tipped Shawn off something was out of order. The cats sounded the alarm & Shawn was brave. Thank goodness the police were waiting on the porch. The neighbors had called them.
        All is well that ends well.

        MMJ helps me sleep so soundly & deeply yet I remember some of my dreams. I wish you could use it for whatever you need it for.

        Life is crazy at times, you are right. :-)

      • Cats are great alarms in that way aren’t they?! I love that about them….

      • Ours all scurried into hiding. I slept thru it. Shawn was the brave one. She may have to testify in court next week. Scary.

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